My Feelings

History oh! History
You tell us about the past mystery,
Maths oh! Maths
You teach us add or subtract,
Geography oh! Geography
You teach us the world’s topography,
Science oh! Science
I love to read your lines,
Hindi and English are literature
Which helps us to become creator,
I like to read al of these
With a hope that my knowledge will definitely increase.

Oindrilla Haldar
Human as I see

There will be no pity
If we do a bit for the needy.
All will be as happy as can be
If we show little more mercy.
Everywhere there will be peace
Only the selfish loves to decrease.
Cruelty must not be a player
This devil is to be tackled with care.
Oh! Jealousy has its ugly face
Please don’t put on it a dress.
Childhood is humanity’s root
Clean it from the very foot.
Rise up and call the forgotten dove
Join hands and spread the message of love.

D Keerti

When I am in my bed at night
Between the blinds I see
The dearest little twinkling Star,
Who comes to peep at me.
I know he stays there all the night,
But at the break of day
I cannot see him anywhere
Why does he go away?
I wonder if he reasons this!
Perhaps he goes
To keep the gifts and toys
In lands across the sea.


Dawn in the morning and dusk at night
The sun seems to be shining so bright.
Opening of his makes the light so right
Closing of his makes night so light.

Rays of Sun shining in the water
Seems as if pearls on colour
Do everyone enjoy this beauty?
Or just criticize it for its duty?

Enjoy the cool breeze of morning Sun
Pastry and cakes in one hand with fun.
Sharing the happiness of one in turn
Destroying the evil of gun and run.

Cries are hard here and there
Pupil fights what to wear.
Reach the job in time
Else subside to resign.
Without the Sun what world would be
Just imagine what could we see
Is the Sun not a God’s gif?
We won’t understand till we are in a drift.

Sun is the soul of the universe
The same as the soul in ours.
Without soul a life cannot live
Without Sun the world will not live.

Mruganayani Kulkarni