Chairman MSG

Message from Secretary, AEES, Mumbai

It gives me immense pleasure to know that AECS-4, Rawatbhata is launching its official website. It is my firm belief that no institution can produce good students through its grand and beautiful buildings alone. Rather it is the devotion of teachers, strict academic discipline, quality education and enthusiastic participation of parents and students that bring credit and admiration to the institution.

Today in the era of globalization, no one can afford to remain detached from and indifferent to the world around. We are compelled by our professional ethics to care, to step forward, to speak up and to act globally. The idea like designing a school website will open the avenues to the teachers, students and parents in this direction.

In emergent educational scenario, it is very often helpful to use information technology as a means of distributing information from teacher to student and from student to teacher. All educational websites are aiding in one unifying aspect and that is to keep the viewer informed. A website has a lot of elements to enthuse students for writing on a topic they care about, in a media they like to use, with the ability to have their work published and viewed and reviewed by others. The lessons they learn influence their future writings and thinking activities. Thus the process of intellectual development goes on.

A significant challenge being faced by the educators today is equipping students with the skills needed to compete in an evolving technological environment. With the help of a school website, I believe that this challenge can be overcome and that emergent education also receives a boost. A thought-provoking website helps teachers to link curriculum and classroom instruction with various projects the students are assigned with as per the new CCE initiated by the CBSE. The benefits of teachers being able to create useful materials for their students with the help of a website enhance their ability to create an animated classroom. They can very well unfold the layers of information on an easy-to-follow page available to their students.

While literary and artistic excellence is quite necessary, there are other elements required in an educational organization in order to accomplish its objectives. Of these other elements one and perhaps the most important, is the human-interest to as many individual members of the organization as possible. The one-big-family idea, Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam, is worth encouraging. The spirit of friendliness helps greatly in the accomplishment of correlated work. There is a social as well as academic side to our relations with each other, and the human touch adds to the happiness and contentment of members when engaged in the performance of their multifarious duties. The website will furnish an outlet for news of this nature and also connect the alumni with their alma mater.

I extend my greetings and felicitations to the Principal, faculty and the students for the initiation taken to design and launch the school website. I am sure that the website will reflect their knowledge, skill and experience in the best possible way.


Dr. Ashok Kumar