Dr. Homi Jehangir Bhabha, with his characteristic acumen, underlined the importance of power for a burgeoning economy when he famously observed, “No power is costlier than no power.” What power is to industry is what education is to the nation as a whole. Education is empowerment – of the individual and the country as a whole. The pioneers of the Nuclear power sector had this in mind when they turned their attention towards educational excellence by setting up a chain of schools across the country along with the power stations. The RAPP (Rajasthan Atomic Power Station) school established at Rawatbhata way back in 1968 was the harbinger of DAE’s successful foray into the pedagogical realm.

Inception and Location:

The three Atomic Energy Central Schools at Rawatbhata are the offshoots of the erstwhile RAPS School jointly founded by the Canadians and RAPS authorities in 1968. RAPP school, soon, earned an enviable reputation for excellence in the then educational hinterland of Kota. In 1986, The Atomic Energy Education Society was invited to take over the management of the RAPS Schools. As a first step the Society opened AECS No.1, in a dormitory in the Heavy Water colony on 1st September 1986, for students of Class I to VIII. Shri T. Gopalakrishna, W.M., HWP (K) was the first LMC Chairman (August 1986 – November 1987) Shri VK Gupta was its first Vice-Principal. One fascinating footnote to the history of AEES at Rawatbhata is that the first AEES employee to set foot here was a newly appointed primary teacher, Shri S.R.Mohanto, (presently a Headmaster at Tarapur) who had to hold the fort until the arrival of the Vice-Principal. Within a year Atomic Energy Education Society took over the management of AECS-2 and AECS-3, hitherto directly under the management of RAPS. Most of the RAPS teachers were also absorbed by the Society. The construction of RAPP 3 & 4 was underway and anticipating a spurt in admissions, the society wasted no time in constructing a spacious and imposing edifice to shelter its main school at Rawatbhata. Thus was born Atomic Energy Central School No.4 in Bhabha Nagar on 17th August 1990. Shri SN Mishra was the first principal of the institution. The building was still under construction when classes IX &X and the Science stream of XI & XII were shifted. In 1993, a new wing was constructed and the secondary section (from Std VI to VII) began to function in it under a new Principal, Shri Bajwa. For a year the school had two Principals. By 1994, the two sections were unified under one Principal and Vice-Principal. The secondary section was bifurcated in 2003 for better management; 18 sections of classes VI to X were shifted to AECS-2 and fifteen sections of primary classes were brought to AECS-4, making it a composite school. Smt.Anju Khurana took over as the first Headmistress of the primary section.

The school presently hosts 48 sections from Prep to XII. The school has had 9 Principals and 4 Vice-Principals so far with Shri SN Mishra serving two terms. Shri C.P.Jhamb, Site Director, RR Site & Project Director, RAPP 5&6 is the Chairman of the Local Management Committee. Shri D Raja Sekhar Rao is the present Principal, Smt Savitha R, the Vice-Principal and Smt Sangeeta Sharmathe Headmistress. There are 20 PGTs, 24 TGTs, 22 PRTs and 2 Prep teachers, including ad-hoc teachers. The non-teaching staff number 15. The total enrolment of students stands at 1620.