Chairman MSG

Message from Chairman, AEECS, Mumbai

I am happy to know that Atomic Energy Central School-4, Rawatbhata is launching its 'web site' on this teachers' day. This is an important decision of the school authorities as regards the transmission of information about the rules and regulations of the school and its education system, in this era of the right to information act. This will greatly help the parents of the school children and the public at large to get the desired information about the school, its staff members and the performance of the school at the click of the mouse. At a later stage this system will be updated to send the report card of the students to parents and get the comments of the parents.

I compliment and congratulate the staff members of AECS-4 Rawatbhata for their initiative to launch this web site and I hope that it will be kept updated by regularly posting the desired information on this web site.

Dr. S K Kulshreshtha