Chairman MSG

Message from Site Director, Rajasthan Site & Project Director RAPP- 5 & 6 And Chairman LMC

I am very pleased to learn that Atomic Energy Central School, No. 4 is launching its official website on the Teacher’s Day, 2010. The website is a gift that benefits the occasion, because it has immense educative values.
            A sound pedagogical method is all about effective communication. As a medium of communication and dissemination of information, the net is unsurpassed By any Other medium, in its reach, speed and effectiveness. Dan Millman rightly described it as “the nervous system of Mother Earth”. It is a medium that the youth of today easily relate to. It uses a lingo that is the tune with their wavelength.

            A website can bring together all the stakeholders of an educational institution under one umbrella. The parents who are often averse to making that much desired visit to the school, can often get the information they need with the click of the mouse. Many schools now display the attendance and performance graphs of their students on the website so that parents can constantly monitor the progress and conduct of their wards. A school such as AECS-4, which has a large reservoir of resources in the form of its illustrious alumni spread across the globe, will benefit greatly from the e-visit paid by them. Over a short period the school can amass a great deal of career building for the present batch of students, with valuable inputs from their former pupils.

            It is not surprising, then, that there is hardly any top educational institution which doesn’t have its own nook in the cyber world. Once you get the information superhighway there is no limit to the distance that you can cover.

            Unfortunately, in education hinterlands like ours the teacher in general, distrust the net probably on the account of a lifelong romance with the written world. Having a website their own will open their eyes to the limitless possibilities of their medium. It will serve as a stepping stone to the wonderland of information that the internet is. There, they will meet fellow teachers who have made the world their classroom through socializing websites such as orkut, facebook, twitter and blogs.
The increasing presence of the teacher on the net has become indispensable as the net is fraught with hidden perils. The unsuspecting youth can be easily waylaid by the unscrupulous operators, A tech-savvy teaching community can more effectively guide the chaperon the inquisitive and impressionable minds and make the net a very valuable teaching accessory.

            It is note worthy that A.E.C.S-4,Rawatbhata is one of the first AEES School to launch an official website. With this initiative, it has reaffirmed its place in the vanguard of the Atomic Energy Education Society. I extend my hearty congratulations, to the Principal, staff and the present and the past pupils who have worked in tandem to build this website. I do hope that their unflagging enthusiasm and perseverance will make it one of the leading school websites.


C P Jhamb